Thursday, May 20, 2010


Me. Yes that’s right. I was accused of this today by a person whose own homophobia she is not conscious of.

I had said, quite factually, that in my experience on knitting lists, whilst some may want experienced and opinionated knitters to respond, a female voice is much more readily heard than mine. I know this because I have been on the receiving end of some really vicious attacks for writing when a female has not. Some of these attacks have brought up my sexuality.

The misogynist label pinned on me is ridiculous. Other than John and a couple of other males, ALL my close friends are now and always have been female. I prefer female company.

Never mind that. Misogyny is a label often hurled at gay men by homophobes who wrongly assume that because we don’t want to sleep with them, we must hate women!

GROW UP!!!!!

The list is question is usually quiet and friendly. Once or twice I have had nasty comments made about my knitting skills which I chose to ignore. Right now the venom being directed my way is because I have advertised my sock dyeing hobby on the list. I have done so for months. Suddenly a couple of vipers decided to swipe at me. The fact they are so clearly fuelled by whatever resentment toward me they have seems to pass them by! It has nothing to do with the ads and everything to do with their dislike of me. In itself so stupid as they don’t know me! It is their prejudging of me that leads to their bile toward me but of course they won’t see that. Why am I so sure of this? Partly because of the lies in their emails sent to defend their attack upon me. Daily adverts, daily giving of opinions, frequent misogynist statements. When a person resorts to such lies, you know their agenda is not the ads! This is a quiet list where I post infrequently and where traffic is very low.

You know I ought to have come here straight away and written this instead of rising to the bait as I did.

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