Sunday, May 23, 2010


I’ve written here before how I think I ma lucky to not have been infected with Patriotism. Firstly because I lived in so many different countries growing up and secondly for most of my adult life have not been considered equal to my fellows by the government of the UK. Pretty hard to feel allegiance or pride in one’s country in those circumstances.

I thought something else about this tonight. I know someone who is so Patriotic they do a disservice to themselves and their intelligence. Their country cannot be criticised by anyone and if you are a citizen and you do, then you are wicked or a Democrat! Not only must you consider your country the best, you must only think one way politically. Anything else is Anti American. (and a sure sing of stupidity or that you are a RED!)This is not a dumb arse redneck but an upper middle class professional! We have them here too.

The danger in this is that if you refuse to see the problems you won’t try to fix them. What can be more unpatriotic than allowing your country to fail it’s citizen by refusing to see it’s shortcomings? What can be more unpatriotic than allowing your fellow citizens suffer due to lack of health care? Or thru poverty caused by the financial system which you refuse to see anything wrong with?

I can see why Patriotism is forced upon children from an early age, why the schools are  forcing it upon children. What that Jesuit said is true-give the child till he is seven and I will give you the man. In other words, you can teach children ANYTHING when young and also teach them they are bad to question it and if you do you get what want-adults who view the world the wauy you want them to instead of healthy adults who can think for themselves.

There is nothing wrong with loving your country or feeling pride in it. There is everything wrong with that if it prevents you seeing your country.

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