Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I have nothing that needs doing. I have posted the Knitman’s Kitchen yarns I have sold.  I have bathed Whitney ready for the show tomorrow (Birmingham National). I can now just knit and watch DVD’s or whatever I please. Very satisfying to have the necessities out of the way.

I went for my first swim in a week this morning. It hurt! Not doing it at least 3 times a week makes a big difference. I doubt I shall get there on Friday, after the show, and from the weekend onwards, Shameless is due to whelp. I normally swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I think I shall get to the pool Wednesday and Friday as I think the whelping will have taken place before then.

I have my clothes ready for the show. My drugs, my knitting, my camera, my food. The car is packed with my stuff and at 4am I meet Angie in the Tesco car park and her stuff and dogs are loaded into my car. We then drive back to my house, Angie parks her car in my drive and then we are off. When I drive with Angie, I have two sat-nav systems. My Garmin and Angie. Yes, despite the Garmin, Angie has to direct me too. There is no telling her.

John’s blood test results came back and his glucose was border line so he has to drink some gunk and have another test 2 hours later.

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