Sunday, November 23, 2008


I got up too late to go to the pool today. I thought i had got up in plenty of time but Sunday swim is at 8am not 9am and I forgot that. I could have been up but I decided to lie in as there was no need ot be up so early. If I had remembered right, the time I originally awoke was the right time to get up.

I went to look at the pool in Wisbech yesterday as the pool I currently attend is closing for a month for December 2nd. I will not go back to the March pool where I had all that bullying. The Wisbech pool is not pleasant, small, and they only have a hoist for getting me out of the pool. I can get in with no trouble-I just fall in, but getting out I cannot do on my own. At the pool I use now, they have special steps and a lifeguard waits for me to get up them and hands me my sticks.

I shall probably not go everyday but will have to go enough to stop me seizing up.

It is -1c at present and blowing snow and ice. The snow won't stay but the cold will.
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