Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alive and Well

I had an email and telephone call to see if I was alright because I have not blogged since last Wednesday. I hadn't realised it was so long.

On Saturday I went the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham(95 miles away) to volunteer on the UK Handknitters Association stand.

Fred, who asked me, was very helpful to me in that he helped me to and from my car. Had I jot gone in my wheelchair, I'd have been in trouble. It was very crowded and in minutes I'd have fallen over if I had just used my sticks.

During the day, especially at lunchtime, Amanda guided me around. She walked behind my chair, not pushing me, and went 'beep beep' in a loud voice whenever we got stuck.

I really had a very good day. I taught three people to knit and one to crochet. One of the people was a big burly man who I at first thought was going to be trouble when I saw him approach. I was wrong. he wanted to learn to knit. He has huge hands! He wanted to have something to help him relax. So I taught him.

I was very surprised to learn that I was a patient teacher. No trying to be either. I just was. I didn't get riled at all and didn't think 'idiot' once! I really am surprised I could do it without feeling frustrated.

I did, of course, buy some sock yarn but only 6 balls. All were of the new Regia Kaffe Fasset range. I also bought some darning needles which had bent ends. They are excellent for sewing.

I came very close to sticking my foot in it. One of the women I helped mentioned that she home schooled. I was surprised and said I know it is very popular in the USA but not so here. I almost said it was popular with religious nutters. I didn't. Guess what? She was a religious nutter! And I said not a word about it. I did not have a go at her and tell her she was abusing her children. I just let it go. Maybe I am coming down with something?
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