Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sherman Heel

I couldn't wait to finish the sock before I showed the heel.

Each time I have done this heel, I did it differently, hoping to tidy it up.

I am really pleased with this one. I think it is my final recipe.

Not a great deal different from
Mary's original heel. I do not have any wraps, I knit on one ML (tho as I am knitting back and firth for the heel that doesn't matter) and instead of S1 purlwise, I slip knitwise on knit rows and purwise on purl rows and slip the encroachments as directed.

Also when i first did this heel, I slipped the first stitch on the way back after the pivot row by mistake but I liked it. Later, I discovered that Janine does it that way.

I think it makes it look much neater.
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