Thursday, August 09, 2007

Road To Ruin

I finished my 4th second sock today.

That was it, I promised, I will get on with my sweaters now on the machines, especially that cashmere swatch just waiting to be measured and a sweater knit from it's info.

I tidied up the living room. I put all my sock yarn in the plastic sets of draws I bought a couple of weekends back.

So far so good.

Yes, I could feel the flutter in my tum. I could see completed socks in my mind's eye as I am diligently putting the balls away and closing the draw.

Then it happened.

I found a ball I didn't know I had. The Daniel Craig of yarn balls. Well the flutter in my tum broke into waves, I ripped off that ball band, picked up my Hiya Hiya's and I cast on. I then spent from then till now(bed time) knitting up Mr Craig.

Stuff the tidying up and the sweater.....

My name is Colin and I am powerless over sock keep your hands off and back away sloooooowly....
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