Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's A Miracle!!!!

I couldn't stand it any more.


The mess.

What mess?

The house mess. I had run out of room to put stuff.

Something had to be done. So I did it.

I have been on my feet most of the day. I have cleaned up the kitchen, chucked a load of stuff out,driven to the tip, scrubbed surfaces, washed the net curtain, washed towels, ran the Dyson here there and everywhere.(Goodness does that Dyson suck.)

The dogs think I have gone bonkers.

My body is screaming 'what the f**k do you think you are doing?'.

In the meantime I have been doing drugs. Keeps me going and the drug companies in profit.

Okay so now I hurt like hell and am walking like I am 90 and dead but I feel good!

I accomplished it.

Later or tomorrow I am starting on the lounge.

And when John gets home, we are going to do something about my stash room. Oh, and I am going to do something about my huge collection of magazines. Knitting of course.

any suggestions about the mags would be considered. I feel at the moment I could get rid of them but that feeling may not last long......

I have done all this whilst listening to Carly and singing along. Masked the snap crackle and pops of my body.

I just hope I have not started anything up as we are going on our trip to Heidelberg next week.

My legs are screaming at me now. They just have no manners.
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