Friday, March 02, 2007

New Sweater and Stuff

Yes, I know it has been a while since I wrote on my blog. Things have been tough recently, More pain and fatigue than usual. This time especially in my hands. I allowed this to get me depressed, as I prejected like a crazy person , envisioning me not able to knit or groom my dogs and before long I was imagining being unable to move, being bedridden and thinking of ways I could end my pathettic bed ridden life! It doesn't do to let your inamgination free! I am sure this wasn't helped by John being in the USA and me running into that evil bitch I told you about last September. How I didn't pick up my sticks and beat her silly with them I don't know, but I didn't. I walked away(or hobbled away) with dignity. At least she had the good grace to keep her eyes on the floor, unable to look at me. So that brought on some obessive anger for a few days. Somewhere or other I recall reading that when one is confronted by such anger, the best thing to do was to pray that the object of your anger to receive all you wish to receive. I balked at the idea but realised it was me that suffered from the rage I felt so I prayed that she find peace. It works. Not perfectly but it does. Whenever I think of her, I just 'bless' her. And sometimes I manage to think that before I think of running her down.... I used 3 different colours of a 2/15 merino, cashmere, silk mix(50%, 25% and 25%). Knittied on tension 4* on the SR 830 fine gauge. 36sts and 68 rows to 10cm(4ins). I sewed the sleeves onto the body instead of joining on the machine. It was much easier! I'll leave you to guess which type of stich pattern I used.
1x1 rib neckband, joined on machine and then folded to inside and sewn down.
This is a close up of the pattern I used. My own creation, very simple.
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