Monday, March 26, 2007

Men Behaving Badly

Or in this case, one man, namely me.

I have been so good too. Thru prayer and meditation I have kept myself calm. Not allowed my mind to escalate things regarding my lump. No panic. Sleeping well. Getting on with my stuff. Pretty amazing really. I was a frightened wreck when the Dr looked so seriouly upon examining my lump but I have handled it thru the above mentioned means.

Until today that is.

I had to go to the dr's surgery to pick up a prescription. I got there, with difficulty due to traffic, to find all the disabled bays taken by non disabled drivers. I kept quiet. I asked for my prescription and was told the chemist had it on the other side of town. I left and as I was doing so, I saw one of the non disabled people getting into their car. I resisted saying anything.

I arrive at the chemist. Now outside the chemist there are two parking bays. On one side is a driveway and on the other a pedestrian crossing. As I arrived, a woman was in front of me and she just stopped her car so that she was parked in the middle of these two bays, leaving no room for another car.

I rolled down my window, and politely asked;

'Would you move forward, please?'

Out of the car got this 'footballer's wife' type, fake tan, streaks, high heels, the works. She looked at me as if I were something she had just trodden in and said:


Before I even had time to think, I had exploded and yelled at her.

'You selfish ****!!!!!'

I hobbled off to the chemist and there she was bold as brass, mouthing off at me about having sworn at her. I apologised. Twice in fact.

'You are quite right, I should not have spoken to you in that manner, I apologise. However, I did ask you politely to move your car forward and you refused point blank. I was angry at your selfishness. However, I should not have sworn at you.'

'I have never been called **** in my life, ' she wailed.

I resisted the urge to say the words that came into my mind, namely;

'I bet you have!'

She just went on.

'I can do no more than apologise,' I say. 'All you had to do was move your car a few feet before you got of it.'

'Well I am not apologising. If my husband was here.....'

By this time I had been given my drugs by a chemist who was trying hard not to laugh and I left thinking how good her husband would look beating up on a cripple! And if he was like her , he would not have given that any thought.

I should not have sworn at this woman, that is clear. I behaved badly. I am so taken aback by how quickly I went into one. I had no time to catch myself, or think, or anything. I wasn't even feeling bad. However, lose it I did. Up I went like volcano. It was the way she looked ta me and said no that did it.

And I was so good to have kept my thought to myself when she wailed about no one ever having called her a **** before.....

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