Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bavarian Twist Sock Pattern

I used Subeam's St Ives, a 4ply yarn(sock) giving 200yds (182mt) to 50gm.

The gauge is 8.5sts and 12 rows to 1 inch or 34st 48 rw to 10cm(4") using 2.5mm needle.

I used 1 long circular needle.

This sock fits me well and I have a 10" long and round foot. Even my ankle is 10".

Cast on 72 sts using Continental Cast On and 3.25mm circular needle. Make join when cast on done.
Switch to 2.5mm needles and knit 24 rows of 2x2 ribbing.

Using one long circular you have 36 sts on each 'side'. You knit the pattern on each side. It is a ten row repeat.

Round 1:

K1tb, P 15 TB2B(place next st onto cable needle, hold at back, knit next stitch thru back of stp, p 1st), K2TB, TB2F(place next st onto cable needle sand hold at front, P1st, then K1st thru back of st), P15 K1TB.

Repeat above for second 'side'

Round 2: K1TB, P15, K1TB,P1, K2TB, P1, K1TB, P15 K1TB.

Round 3: K1TB, P14, TB2B, P1 K2TB, TB2F, K1TB

Round 4: K1TB, P14, K1TB, P2, K2TB, P2, K1TB, P14, K1TB.

Round 5: K1TB, P13, TB2B, P2, K2TB, P2, TB2F, P2, K1TB

Round 6: K1TB, P13, K1TB, P3, K2TB, P3, K1TB, P13, K1TB

Continue in this manner until 10 rounds have been knit.

You can see that the TB2B and TB2F are moved over one stitch on every odd round(1,3,5 etc) and not moved on every even(2,4, 6 etc) round.

Knit 6 repeats, ie. 60 rows.

Now knit a Sherman Heel.

My version differs from both Mary and Janine. I do as Janine does in that I also slip the 1st sticth after the pivot row. However, I leave my 36 sts on each side as they are and I do not do any wrapping whatsoever.

Once the heel is complete, I continue knitting st st on the sole side, and the pattern on the top side.

Knit 70 rounds.

Shape toe: quit knitting pattern and knit in st st only. No purling!

Round 1: (first side)
k1, SSK, knit 30, k2tog, k1.

Repeat for 2nd side.

Round 2 and 3; knit all sts

Round 4: (1st side) K1, SSK, K28,K2tog, K1 Repeat for second side.

From round 10, decrease on every other row until you have knit 24 rows and have 11 st on each needle. Knit one more row.

Turn sock inside out and cast off as follows:

Place needles side by side, with sts right up near tip of each needle.

Using a 3 rd needle, take 1st st from needle nearest you, onto 3rd needle.

Now take 1st stitch off second needle onto 3rd needle. Now pass the 1st stitch over the 2nd stitch.

Continue in this manner until all stitches are on needle 3.

You should only have 11 sts on needle 3.

Using a larger needle, cast off as usual.

NOTE: There will be 'ladders' up the sides. These are part of the pattern, they ought to be there!


JoanK said...

Hi Colin - thanks for this pattern and the yarn info - must try, as although I am relatively short, I have rather big feet (9.5 B Canadian) and these may fit me without having to do the math! btw, is Moon pregnant? Take care, joan in Winnipeg, Canada

Holly said...

Oh thanks you. There are so few patterns really suitable for men out there and this is a lovely addition.


Anonymous said...

Yeah you doll!! Now I really have an excuse to go look for yarn for socks and use my gift certificate!!

Gail said...

WOOHOO! Thank you Colin, you're such a peach!

Rachel said...

Thanks Colin, I just love that sock!

cindy said...

Let John need to try spinning to complement your beautiful knitting!I like the Bavarian Twist socks!!!