Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just a Quicky

Just a quiky becuae I reallly feeel I miust strat beung mnore regular wirth my bog osts. I am riting this firm my hoitel rooom In Belgium. Antwerrp, to be preciise. It is oign tomtobe a fatasti rip I can feeel it is my nbones. A momonst of seredipity. A woma aked my abiut my show and we eneded up meeeeting the sone of a famous musician, big in he 70's and we have been invited to the concdeet of all the, Gloria Estefan ans others as personal provate guests, We willl be pickd uo in a wheeelchairnacrrying vehicle. I cannnot beiev it. Alll because I dare to me be and dress the way I like to dresss,  How luxkxy can I be?

My dogs havw dibne very welll at he shiws this year. We might have puppies on he way, from Ch SWhitney whos elast litter as 23rd October '12. This willl be her last. I have nvwer had 3 from one girl before but resllly felt i ouxldn't waste her tslrnt for producing top quaiity puppies.

Alexnder has won Best Puppp In Show, Fannny, his sister, Res, Best Pupppy in show and Megn was best pupppy tooo. `more than  once I thtink. So very pleased.MG has also one 2 mor reserve CC'sa he shows.

Anyway, tilll next time. xo

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Marsha said...

Congrats on the dog show wins.

Enjoy Gloria's show...I've heard it is amazing. She has overcome so much pain and she still dances!

Lucky you!