Wednesday, August 28, 2013


 I slept and have only just got up. John made his own way to the station or rather got a taxi. I am feeling much better today in fact I feel my normal crappy self rather than my horrible crappy self. I was thinking that Indian food is very fatty and they use clarified butter to cook and the meals that I enjoy the most are the SAG bhaji and the onion bhaji  and mushroom bhaji.  all of which have liberal amounts of clarified butter. I think this on top of the fact that I had had such a long trip and that I normally only eat chicken and plain steamed vegetables is what made me really sick.

Anyway this has completely cocked up the doctors seven day trial of knocking me out to try and get to grips with the exhaustion. I of course am totally unaware that I am exhausted because you get used to feeling a particular way. But she says that the reason my symptoms have worsened so much so quickly recently is because I am only sleeping for two or three hours and then waking and dosing for a couple more. The reason the trial got cocked up was because as I was preparing my drugs to take with me to Scotland John talked to me. I don't know how many times I have to tell that man not to interfere with me when I have to concentrate on something.  As a result I had all my drugs together except for the knockout pills so that has completely buggered up the seven-day trial. I have just called the doctor and am waiting for a call back to find out what I'm supposed to do.

It is just as well that the swimming pool is closed until Monday or it might actually be until Tuesday. This means I cannot swim and I have to rest and so I should be able to get on with some knitting as I am still stuck on the same bloody socks and the same second side of John's Aran sweater. I have had to frog that sweater several times now and am going to have to frog back at least four rows because I have noticed the mistake with the travelling stitches travelling the wrong way-again! 

For anybody that has not use Lantern Moon Needles and can afford to I would highly recommend them I love them. These are ebony circulars. I bought them in a set. I now have several sets of various brands some of which are fixed and some of which are interchangeable.

It is so good to have Luque and Whitney home.  It is really very sweet to watch the other dogs greeting their pack leaders.

 I have just noticed that Monday is 2 September server pool will be reopened. although I doubt that I shall be going on that day because I have a dog show the day before!

It is really beginning to concern me how terrible I feel the day after a dog show. And no I do not feel tired or headachy I am talking about feeling totally incapacitated unable to get out of bed, John having to bring my drugs upstairs and even then it can take an hour or so before I am even able to take them and then another couple of hours if I am lucky for them to work enough for me to get out of bed only to go downstairs and plop in the's armchair  and stare at the TV. I am completely used to feeling very tired after dog show but I'm not used to feeling this bad. Perhaps it is just a relapse and I will go back to normal soon. For those that don't know I have good periods and I have bad periods the bad period so what are called relapses. Although the good periods are not exactly good they are just much better than the relapse!

I am so glad that John decided at the last minute to also take today off, I mean yesterday, because goodness knows what I would have done without him  there to help me. As it was my heart pills which I'm supposed to take 12 hourly did not get taken until 4 PM along with my other drugs because I just couldn't swallow anything without fear of it coming back. And of course he helped me by bringing me drinks and generally holding me while I shook. He is very good at looking after me but when he is sick he gets very stroppy if I try and look after him. Men are funny creatures.  Men always go on about how difficult women are and how unfathomable they are and yet exactly that the same can be said of men. I think of myself as just Colin because although I am a man and have no wish to lose my Dick and become a woman I tend to think more right brained than left brained but do think left brained in certain areas. I feel I understand women much better  And I get on much better with them.

 I had to call the doctor to explain that I had not taken my drugs to Scotland, the   knock out drugs,  and this because John interfered with me whilst I was counting out all the pills that I needed to take with me and I had forgotten to take sleeping pills stop I have told him time and time again not to interfere with me while I am working on something like that..

This of course messes up the trial completely so I had to call and make other arrangements another appointment and the new prescription. I could not imagine what had happened to the 28 description that I had already been given stop I searched in my jackets and in his jackets and could not find them so I phoned him up on the off chance that he had them. The twat  had put them in the right hand side of his desk!  quite why we did not go to Tesco the day that we got the prescription I do not know stop anyway I did test Tesco to make sure that they had not had a 28 prescription for me and they had not and I also checked that there was not a 20 X fiction waiting for me at the surgery there were not. Later today there will be a prescription at Tesco waiting for me.

 I have quite clearly been in a relapse in quite some time and so I am about to have a remission I hope.

 while, that is about it  that is about it today.Now it is time tonight and watch DVDs and cuddle  the dogs.  in a way I am looking forward to doing nothing for the next few days. I will probably even do some dying and get around to putting yarn in my shop.

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