Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Sleep did not come easily last night.  The puppies were noisy and I had to be up three times to sort them out. There is nothing at all wrong with them they are nice and fat and healthy and that their mother, Pussy, is a little on the  dim side. She can be curled up with most of her letter that there would be one or two puppies on the other side of the whelping box and it is they who scream and she appears to take no notice!

 The other reason was pain. Nothing to say about this boring subject.

I was up at 6:30 AM so that I was able to drive it on to the train station. When I came back I went straight to bed and this time I went to my own bed upstairs instead of the settee next to the puppies.

 I found myself on Ravelry this morning  and this led me to reading posts I have made on this blog. It is really very interesting for me to read what I have written. It is rather clear to me from reading the posts of the last few months of the year that I did indeed have a bipolar episode last year. I may now be wondering whether it is true what my doctor and John and my friends have all said about how stressful last year was to me about reading my blog posts of last year, it is very clear to me that I was certainly not my normal self.

Pussy's  look quite delightful and I'm very pleased to have them. I do think it is very remarkable that there are three pairs. I have a black-and-white boy and the black girl. There is also a red gold girl and the red gold boy.  and then there are two parti colour,  a boy and a girl,  but I'm not certain whether they are red and white or brindle and white.  One could not have designed this better!

Today is going to be a quiet day. I did at least get a good swim yesterday which helps me deal with the fact that today is one of those days where I have more or less completely run out of spoons.  (If you wonder what that is about just Google Spoon Theory.)

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