Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have had much trouble with my gut this last couple or so weeks and I was beginning to get worried about it.

When I awoke this morning, my new snack food popped into my head. I went and had a look at the nutrition information on the pack and it has 22g of fibre in 100gm! No only that, this twit, forgot that Soya is a pulse. Grain and pulses are not good for me at all and I quit eating them a few years ago, hence the 100 pound weight loss. For whatever reason, my gut cannot handle these foods. It has a hard enough time with certain vegetables.

I just am a little surprised that neither John nor I did thought about the fact the roasted soya BEANS(!!) would be a problem for me.

I have dyed two more hanks today.

I am about to go and sort the clothes I shall wear for tonight’s talk and demonstration. It will be my Bavarian clobber, I just have to choose which.


Yarnhog said...

Well, at least you figured it out!

anachronist said...

agree to what yarnhog wrote.
Soya seems to be a bad trigger food for many people with sensitivities.

I found out, smarties contain a lot of it, too. And Ihad just baked a whole big batch of choc chip cookies with some in there.
So no snacking on them, either.
It sure is a science and big research task to find out what is not good for us ;-)

I am sure,you live and learn and stay clear of that snack in the future ;-)