Sunday, February 21, 2010


WTF is it with people? Why do they jump on others at the drop of hat? Why do they feel they have to point how stupid others are?

I recently bought some digital callipers because I knew that my knitting needles were not equal in size though they were supposed to be. Meaning, several 2mm needles were not what they were said to be.

I measured about 20 odd pairs and NONE of them were correct. Not one was actually the size stated, all were under. Some by a bit – 0.02 and others by a lot 1.81 instead of 2.00.

I found this surprising and certainly found it necessary to know this so that I do not end up again with socks of differing sizes.

I thought others would find this interesting too so I wrote to the lists about it. To my consternation, it brought several snotty response about how my callipers must be crap, how I hadn’t taken in to account all the variables and anyway such differences were neglible so didn’t matter anyway.

Just using the standard needle gauge told me the needles were not right. If one needle fits in the hole tight and the other flops about it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why and it isn’t lack of Viagra.

One of the most ridiculous things pointed out was how heat and lack of causes wood to expand contract. For a start all my needles are metal in the fine gauges and secondly do these people think I live without heating?

WTF is with people? Yes I know my ire gets up at what you may think is something little but I don’t really appreciate being told publicly, however backhandedly, that I am stupid.

BTW I should have attended a dog show today. It is snowing very heavily here and worse 100 mile north west where the show is being held. I knew yesterday I we were not going today.


BammerKT said...

I can echo your sentiment, but that's not really much consolation, I bet.

Wtf, indeed! This is why I am a hermit, and I hate people!

Hugs to you!

Susan said...

I too bought digital calipers and found EXACTLY the same thing! I bought it because I had a couple of different brand needle gauges. The needles fit the holes loosely on one and wouldn't even go in the hole on the other one. It boggles the mind that some people are so stupid. There are a breed of knitters out there that take any negative comment about knitting as a personal affront. They seem to be on the lists you post to. Tell them to "stuff it."

joannamauselina said...

This needles not the same size business can be a real bummer. Especially on sweaters where you might use one circular for the body, another to start the sleeves, and another set to finish the sleeves. Unless they are all the same brand, you are in for trouble, says the sad voice of experience. I once made a pair of gloves from the same size needles, but different brands and one glove fit perfectly and I could not get the other on. Fortunately, I noticed this early into the second glove, (the too small one) and so didn't waste too much knitting time.

valerieB said...

I appreciate your discovery about the needle sizes using calipers. I have suspected the same thing about some of the needles I have but have no calipers to prove it. I also use metal needles, and to suggest that heat/cold would affect the size is patently ridiculous!! Ignore the negatives, Colin, most folks respect your opinion and know that you're right about this!!

Brigitte said...

Now here is a thought - you think that you could make a viagra solution and soak the needles? How would you know when to take them out? You don't want to put 2 mm needles in and end up with 5 mm needles, do you? Oh, and don't get the cables wet, for obvious reasons (I like mine still flexible). I saw some of the comments, and that woman clearly needled a ring on the clue phone... lol
My needles are different too, which is why I invested in a (not digital) caliper. It's not as sensitive as a digital one but it gives me a hint whether a needle is way off (10% IS way off).

Lynne said...

My son and I laugh now, but people online are very rude and snotty especially at times it just doesn't really matter. I belonged to a cooking group that shared recipes. I can't tell you how many times I got rude response totally uncalled for. It just made me wonder how sad it is that these people have to be so unhappy in day to day life. Keep on blogging I enjoy every post.

=Tamar said...

I'm told that even within some big-name brands the circulars are not the same size as the straight needles. You have to measure everything!

I also have two digital calipers; one gives consistent readings, but the other one will change depending on how hard I press it on the same needle. Sheesh.