Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pups /Knitting Room

These are the pups at 5 weeks and 2 days. They all had their first bath today. I am pleased to say they did not 'fluff' up when dry, none of them. They also took longer to dry. This, in my experience, tells me the coats are the correct hard texture.
Yesterday they went into the garden for the first time. They had a wander and all of them went over the side of the patio, under the bushes and couldn't get back up, so they whined loudly till I got down on my hands and knees and fished them out. Two
minutes later they all went back under and whined again to be rescued! This morning, first thing, they all whined to go out!

The boy pup I was drawn to at 3 days still stands out, on the move and when I bathed him. One boy reminds me of another I bred whose balance was similar. He did not turn out to be a well balanced adult and he grew too boig. this boy, like the other, has longer legs. The 3rd boy, looks promising too. One boy is a definate pet, wrong head type, goofy. The girl is hard to tell anything about. A bit of a pudding. However, my firends bitch who went on to become a fatastic example and a top winner was also an ugly duckling and she is of very similar lines. We'll wait and see.
Shoulder placement on the two boys I like seems very good. Rears also look very good.

This is my 3rd 'foreign' litter, all parents being of different lines to those here in the UK. I find it most odd that out of all those people who 'love' this breed, none have shown the slightest interest in these litters, despite an open invitation to do so. My good friends, Ken and Thelma of Piplaurie, have . They have seen all of them and show the level of interest one would expect from those whose passion has lasted a lifetime.

Yesterday was clear out day. I couldn't stand the 'stuff' all over the place anymore. My knitting room is now reasonably clear. I have thrown some stuff out and more is to go. Really dififuclt for me to clear stuff out. I tend to hoard! The main differenc eis the floor is clear, with my tools in boxes and waste in the bin!

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littlelixie said...

I will consider myself to 'have arrived' in life when I have a knitting room. The pups are just lovely.