Friday, July 29, 2005

Handknit /Abuse

Oh my, I am glad this is finished. I got very bored with it. The yarn is Marks and Katten Bomwull (50% Cotton 50% wool)which i bought in Stockholm. It has a very good drape and handle. I chose the stitch pattern for it's simplicity and effect. It is 2 rows of garter st and 2 rows 1x1 rib. This was easy to knit, except for the neck. I like to short row necks and this was not easy in this pattern. The sewing up was a PITA too as it was not so easy keeping the stripes aligned. I use mattress stitch as always(except on DJ).

I was at a meeting the other day. I got really pissed off with some person who thinks that people who abuse children should not be blamed as they did the best they could with the knowledge thay had at the time. I am sick of hearing this excuse for child abuse. We are not talking not letting a child stay out half an hour later, or saying no to some cherished want. No we are talking about people who beat their children, who have sex with them, who kill them even. There is NO WAY this can be excused or explained as them doing their best with their level of knowledge!!!
Whislt I am not of the opinion that such people ought to be hung, I also feel it is a disservice to those abused and to the abuser to make light of it, to excuse it. There is no excuse. Ignorance is certainly not a mitigating factor. Do we really need to be taught that putting cigarrettes out on a child's skin is wrong? Do we really need to be taught that yelling at a child that they are stupid, useless and evil, is wrong? Do we we really need to to taught that knocking a child out, or bruising them, or scaring them stupid is wrong? We are faced with so many problems in our world and the one cause, the fundamental cause, is ignored by most. get the rearing and loving of children right and you will solve most the ills we all suffer from. Burying one's head in the sand, making excuses, blaming the victim helps no one. Not even those who do this in order to hide form their own truth. It will never do anything to stop the suffering.
The pups are 5 weeks old today. More noisy and smelly! Mum is fed up with them, quite suddenly. She has been an excellent, very protective and until yesterday was still feeding them and I was concerned to get them weaned. Well yesterday, she just decided to stop letting them suckle which makes weaning easier. The cry for her and does see them and wash them but the second they try and suck she gets away from them. A few days ago, two of them wagged their tails at me. Very cute. They are developing nicely. Rears look good as do fronts, but as we know, such things can change for the worse as well as the better. Coats are hard and plenty of it. Pigment excellent. Eyes look to be correct shape and colour. These pups bring new lines to the UK and these include the German Tibetan Line(TL) although of course these pups are not officailly TL as they have other lines in them too. Which was the diea as far as I am concerned. Desperately needed gentetic diversity is what I was after as well as a return to real Tibetan type.
I will probably be keeping several for a long time so I can learn from them, watch how they develop. Possibly will end by keeping a boy and girl to prduce the next generation.


AmyP said...

Nice jumper.
Now for something more serious: how would/did this "person" react to the case in France where an entire housing estate passed their children around as currency? Man, that attitude makes me angry.
Again, nice jumper and sorry about the rant :)

nanneranna said...

HI Colin,
I have never read your blog until today,it was only because you put the pointer to it on the uk Handknitters that I went to read it in the first place. So that silly womans remark about putting a note about your blog was all wrong. You make such lovely things. I dont know if youd be interestedbut I have just finished a hat for my grand-daughter, it's in bright pink funky fur ( shaded) She is 10 months old and she looks so sweet.
I also just read your bit about child abuse, can I tell you what happened to my daughters partner. He was abused by his parents, they burnt him with cigarettes, cut his back with a stanley knife when he was 18 months old. He learnt that if you shut up and keep quiet you might not get hurt.He was adopted and it all worked out ok for him, though I think it made growing up hard. He still bears the scars today, emotionally and physically. He tried to form relationships and until he met my daughter they had always been unsuccessfull-no wonder with parents like that. They now have a lovely daughter, I was worried that history might repeat itself. I was silly, he is the most wonderful Dad anyone could have.