Friday, March 05, 2010


There was a woman who loved the Lord so much she spent her life caring fort he poor and the dyeing. She was with them in their suffering. She wasn’t there to relieve their suffering. Indeed, despite the millions given to her charity, she was not corrupted by it but stuck doggedly to her love of the Lord. She showed her love for the Lord by being with those wretched people as they died in agony. She showed he love for the Lord by eschewing the use of pain relieving drugs, instead believing that those suffering the agonies of cancer were suffering like Christ suffered and they were indeed being blessed, being ‘kissed by the Lord’ as they were.

Her faith knew no bounds. She wrote to a judge in charge of hearing a fraud case against one of her biggest financial supporters. The lawyer wrote back to her suggesting that she return the stolen monies she was given by this con man who destroyed people’s lives. Her love of the Lord and his people prevented her doing this. How admirable that she was able resist the morals of man in  the service of the Lord.

Although those people in her care homes were without modern medical help, although there was millions sitting in the bank, she herself did receive the finest medical care money buy. This was only right and proper as she was working directly for the Lord and therefore must be kept alive. She wasn’t ready for Heaven yet.

There is a widespread campaign to have this woman, Mother Theresa, declared a Saint by the RC church. Given that she steadfastly stuck to her faith as she held the hands of those who were being kissed by Christ, resisting the evil of pain relief and dignity, how she took money without a care as to it’s origins, proves she was indeed a woman of great faith and deserves what she gets. I urge you to support justice for Mother Theresa.

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