Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I am up for my swim earlier than planned. Bad dreams about abuse. No reason other than this is what happens. It never goes away. Oh, once mastered it no longer has The power it once had and doesn’t control one’s life. It just bites occasionally.

I have really been enjoying dyeing and am more than pleased at how my hanks have sold.  I have been knitting less but my light weight Aran is coming along nicely, having knitted about 27cm of the front.

My Tiffany lamp has been cancelled. It seems the supplier went into receivership or something. I got a full refund.

I was supposed to have a delivery last Friday, then yesterday as Friday’s didn’t show. Well, yesterday’s didn’t either. I shall have to call again today. I hate this. Normally my boots arrive next day.

I have received 4 calls from different bank and credit cards that we have. They are all trying to sell me stuff and none of them have bothered to look at our accounts before they offer ‘help’. I will just not answer the dickheads now that I know that when my phone shows a particular type of number, it will be a sales call. A while back British Gas called me several times a day  7/7, for months trying to get me to go back. Hounding me like that was not good sense if they wanted me back. I would never anyway.

Shameless and Luque have stopped shagging. Whitney is most put out that she isn’t getting any. Poor girl is ripe. One, I don’t want her bred yet and two Luque is her dad, so no way. Luque has a few girls booked to visit him so he will be pleased!

Our next show is the Midland Lhasa Apso Association. We have an American Lhasa Apso breeder/judge coming over to judge.

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