Sunday, March 14, 2010


It is likely I shall be posting new yarns on KNITMAN'S KITCHEN tomorrow probably

It's been a good and quiet day.

Watched Lark Rise To Candleford which seems to be the British Little House On The Prairie!
Saw, on DVD, Coming of Age. Supposed to be funny and cutting edge but which we found was appalling and offensive and exploitative of the young. We both thought it was unwise to show so much just past puberty nakedness. We wondered about the mental state of the writers and their sexual proclivities.

Also started to watch FIRECRACKER, but it soon became clear this was going to be an emotionally taxing film about abuse and we turned it off.

Bridget had her coat cut off. It is likely she will be donated to the Hearing Dogs For Deaf People charity. Five of my dogs have been previously and all but one work as Hearing Dogs.

Whitney is also in season now with Edna and Bridget soon to follow suit I should think.
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