Monday, March 01, 2010


The sun is shining in a clear blue sky. I popped an extra pill and the dogs for a walk. That’s me buggered for the day.

The visit to the chest Doctor this morning went well for John. It does indeed seem that his diagnosis of emphysema was incorrect and he has asthma instead. Treatment won’t alter.

In the hospital waiting room they had a toilet facility for the disabled and wheelchair users. It was tucked away in the corner. There was no way for a wheelchair user to get to it due to the layout of the furniture. This is a friggin’ hospital! You’d think they would care would you not? I didn’t say anything until I was leaving, by which time I was able to point out the error without asking which effing moron designed the waiting room.

Life is never dull and always surprising. At least mine is like that. I experienced night terrors last night. Made the dogs howl and scarper but fortunately did not hit John as he was too far away. At least he hasn’t said I did. I don’t know what the dream was about with only vague recollection.

My talk and demonstration went quite well last night. I was rather disturbed by a man there who talked at length with me afterwards saying how much he liked what I had to say and then went on to prove he hadn’t understood a word I had said. I could feel myself slam shut and I couldn’t wait to get away from this man. He was one of these people who believes the abused are meant to be abused because it makes us better people and that we chose to be and that we need to love and be at peace with out abusers. He was a man in denial I think rather than an abuser.

Come to think of it, my dream was about abuse but with menacing images and not details.

Shameless has really fitted right back into life here as if she were never away. She and Luque are romancing each other but he is behaving really well because he knows she is not receptive yet. When she is, there won’t be a problem because I want him to mate her. I think this will result in what I want from a showing point of view.

It will be interesting to see what we get colour wise. Shameless is dark grey and white particolour and Luque is a black and white particolour. Both of Shameless’ parents were solid coloured, father apricot and mother grey. Luque has a black father and a black and white mother. So neither Luque nor Shameless  are genetically dominant particolour. It is possible we will get other than just particolours.

One of the new yarns I am dyeing is a 100% superwash merino. I have two kinds. Both are very nice. One is 400m/100g and one is 433m to 100g. The 433m one I am probably not going to be able to get again. I have 4 kgs of it and I think when it is gone, that will be it. Pity as it has such a good handle.

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