Monday, March 15, 2010


I did enjoy Cruft’s. It was good to meet people. Gill was very kind and brought a wheelchair for me to use. The halls are very large and the loo is always a trek away so the use of the chair really saved me much pain and fatigue.

I had a chat with Wendy about Barcelona. It is her favourite city, I think she said. She gave me information I needed and spoke of how beautiful the Gaudi architecture is. This is what we want to see. Wendy also pointed out that English is not spoken. I do regret that my Spanish speaking mother did not bring me up bi-lingual.

I didn’t get around any of the trade stands which is probably just as well. I did buy two kitsch pieces from the Midland Lhasa Apso Association stand. Both are Lhasa Apso is shopping bags!

I am going to start offering ‘lots’ of my stash for sale. I really do need to start de stashing seriously again. I will offer branded sock yarns in 500g lots for £20 plus postage. Much cheaper than one can buy them. Regia, Opal, OnLine, Lana Grossa, Trekking etc. However, there will be no pick n mix! Each lot is the lot on sale.

Bridget will be leaving home and going off to be a Hearing Dog. She si just thr right temperament for the job.

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