Monday, March 01, 2010


I saw her interviewed and I thought she was a well put together young woman with confidence in herself and a kind nature. I heard her sing and I thought I would like it.

I went out and bought the debut album ‘DO YOU WANT THE TRUTH OR SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL’ by Paloma Faith.

I am glad I did.

In the interview she was asked what she thought about being compared to Amy Winehouse. Her response was humble and gracious yet she could easily and rightly have been insulted as she is nothing like her! Oh, don’t misunderstand I like her too and have both her albums, but really there is nothing alike about these two women.

Critics can be real a*holes. I have always thought it was a complete non-job. I buy what I like and don’t give a monkey’s what you or anyone else likes.

Just because I like her doesn't mean you will.

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