Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Phew! No Rain!!! I hope those flooded out also have no rain. No flooding here. I was thinking about how we'd be if the flooding was here. Just terrible. It bis bad enough for the younger and healthier. I feel for those poor sods who are similar to me and have been flooded out. Truly awful. 

I seem to be sleeping much more recently. I was up late yesterday, had a 1.5hr nap in the afternoon and was asleep my midnight and still slept till 8.30am.

Physically, things are rough. I am sure because of the rain and general dampness.  Am on a course of anti-inflammatories. Believe it or not, pain from inflammation is not dealt with by morphine.

I finally finished the pair of socks I started ages ago. The yarn is very soft but cheap. a 45% wool and the rest is acrylic and nylon. I bought in in a dept store in Frankfurt where we were for our honeymoon. It wasn't easy to knit with as it knotted easily and also split. I love the way it has pooled though. These are simple tube socks and I find they fit just as well as those I have knitted with heels.

The show season sort of kicks off with Cruft's on March 8th which I am dreading. I hate the NEC as it is always a very long way from the car park to the show benches. I have had to pay £10 to park as no free disabled parking and to add insult injury I have had to pay for a £12 ticket for my helper.

After this show comes April with a Championship club show and then an all breeds champ show. This is when it all kicks off right through till December.

I know I am projecting, but it scares me somewhat. I am neither physically nor mentally for enough for this yet and I feel under pressure to make sure that I am by then. There is part of me that wants to quit now and decide not to continue. A stronger part of me doesn't want to do that. A day at a time, Colin.

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Iris said...

One day at a time ... the mantra of most of us over 50 and, especially, for those who are disabled. There seems to be no mercy. Take it easy and enjoy.