Friday, October 28, 2005


My consultaion with the DLA govt Dr went well. He took one look at me and wondered why he was there. He said he would fully support my claim and wondered why there was any doubt as to my condition.

I now also have x-ray evidence showing the disintegration of my spinal column at the neck and the lumbar region. I now have 4 diagnosed diseases. That sounds bad but it isn't really and could be much worse. Although I suppose I could be more concerned about the heart disease, I am more concerned about the spondiwhatsit. That could see me not walking at all. However, that isn't the case now and I don't think about it.
For now, I can still do much of what I want to do. I do not like being dependant. I can't just go and buy the dog food, for instance. Have to have John with me to carry. There are quite a few things that I can't do, like get undressed or dressed without help-mainly shoes. I love boots but have given up wearing them cos they are just too difficult. Housework. Now that is something else I can't do. Don't you pity me? Isn't it awful not being able to do housework? ;-) Not that i ever have. I have always done the minimum and now have a good excuse for not doing it at all!! With taking care of the dogs, keeping them clean and tidy, and making sure we don't pong of dogs, and with my knitting and reading and tv watching and pc time, i just don't have the time or energy for cleaning house. Perhaps i ought to get in a woman who does. Maybe there is a support group somewhere for people whose OCD takes the form of cleaning. I could go there and find someone or two or three to come and clean....(now don't get your knickers in a twist I know only too well how OCD affects people and it is serious and having grown up with the cleaning OCD I know it causes grief. My own OCD didn't extend to cleaning tho.....)
Anyway, speaking of tv watching, I find I have to be very choosy nowadays. Not time to watch just anything so i only record the important more high -brow stuff. Like Neighbours. I missed a whole week of episodes whilst we were away cos the Sky box thing failed. And it was a week of juice, I gather. Now Izzy has disappeared and well, I doubt karl killed her. Maybe Susan? ;-) It couldn't have been Paul-he is a changed man.....very believable don't you think?

Also we tend to watch most of what we want on dvd. We are on the 6th series of The West Wing which is EXCELLENT. So well made and acted.
Then we have 4 series of Six Feet Under to watch. And the first series of Desperate Housewives which has to be the best thing I have seen on tv for many years, if not the best thing ever.

As I only get to watch these whilst John is here, we only watch at the weekends. So i am watching Ali McBeal from the beginning. I didn't really see it when it was showing, just caught the odd bit. Anyway, I think it is very funny. I am one of those people that rarely laughs out loud at comedy but this show makes me LOL every episode. They are very funny people and I think they behave and think like any 12th step person would. They are like a bunch of addicts-food, drugs, booze, OCD whatever. Very funny.( I don't mean the characters are addicts - just they behave like such)

Unlike Sex In The City( or as an older firend calls it Sluts In The City). I tried and tried with this show. Okay the sex and rude bits were interesting(don't often see naked men on tv shows) but really, I thought all of these women were just plain dull and soooo self centred and not very likeable. Okay the one who had sex with anything in trousers was funny and likeable becasue she didn't seem so serious even tho she appeared totally self absorbed but in a funny way. The other 3 were just so damed serious and full of selfish angst.

It seems I ought to enjoy Will and Grace but i don't. All sorts of reasons. Mainly I find the characters annoying and again very self centred. I object to the lead role , a gay man, being played by a str8 guy. What, no gay actors? I also object to yet again having gay characters portrayed as hopeless and unable to commit and find love(Will) or promiscuous(the other guy whose name escapes me). Oh it's Jack. I just want to slap him. Karen? I was going to say there are plenty of drunk women like her but what is she? str8? Gay? Bi? Just nuts? A terribly selfcentred cow anyway. And as for Grace-she needs to grow up and realise the world does not revolve around her. Okay, I know it is supposed to funny and the character quirks could indeed be very funny but it just doesn't work. The people are obnoxious and the whole thing is offensive.

Frasier was my favourite comedy. Clever and funny. And yes, the two main characters, Frasier and Niles were self centred prigs but they were drawn well and the comedy was there. They weren't so obnoxious that you wanted to turn off. It was fun to see them dig their holes. Also, this could have been a great gay show. It was except that F and N were not gay. Other than that everything about this show was gay. F and N were typical of a certain type of upper class snobby gay man. The campness of the whole thing, the very witty and caustic comments. Very funny. I wonder if the actors knew they were playing gay men of certain type ?Pity it has closed now.

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Anonymous said...

I followed the link from your latest message on the Yahoo Machine Knitting group. I'm just scanning through your blog (looking for pictures, LOL), as I sit at the computer with my 8 week old baby (human, not puppy) in my arms. I see you mention spondiwhatsit. I was wondering if you were refering to ankylosing spondialysis--a type of arthritis. I am certain I have it (why else would I have arthritis in my SI joints?), but I don't fit the picture of young male. I am having trouble spending much time at my knitting machines because of it. And, I also have a hard time with housework! Unfortunately, even while pregnant, my husband was not much help. I've been feeling not too bad for the past couple weeks, but I don't let him know that :)
I'll go back to looking at your pictures now, LOL.