Thursday, October 07, 2010


ada You should have heard her when I was giving her a bath yesterday.  She was not too bad the bath but when I was grooming and blow drying her she turned into a little banshee! You’d have thought I was murdering her.  It was just a tantrum of course and I took no notice and completed the job.  Many people make the mistake of trying to sooth them or stopping or making a fuss of them or screaming at them. I have found that none of that works.  I ignore them completely and just continue with the job.  When it is over I praise them profusely and put them on the floor to play. The only time I will do anything is if they attempt to bite and then I will scruff them by the neck, shake them and scream NO at them.  They normally do not do it again.

I have been feeling pretty good this week.  I even managed to walk the dogs yesterday.  It always amazes me that even though painkillers allow me to walk the dogs on a good day it doesn’t actually stop the physiological response because when the tablets worn off I know that I have been walking!  I also discovered while we were away that although the painkillers will stop pain, if I am feeling particularly bad taking the pills makes no difference.  I will feel less pain but still feel bad.  In other words my smart idea of carrying on as normal but take enough pills was not a smart idea after all. It does not work that way.

A few months ago I joined Facebook. I have been getting so many invitations but eventually I just decided to see what it was like.  I do quite enjoy it.  I do find some of what I read on there offensive.  I am surprised what people will write and what people will click like on.

There is one at the moment which says something like “what goes around comes around and when it comes to you I hope it hits you twice as fucking hard”.  To me this is a really mean-spirited sentiment and I am somewhat surprised at the amount of people who click like.  This sort of vengeful thinking does no one any good and drags us down into the mire.

There is also one calling for a Christian revival “click like if you think Jesus is Lord”.  Oh for God’s sake do these people never give up? We hardly need a revival when the world is crawling with them. I find it an ignorant and offensive ideology and am rather sick and tired of having it shoved in my face the whole time.  (Now watched the hate mail coming in from these Jesus lovers.)

Oops! Do I sound irritated? :-)

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