Monday, October 25, 2010


It was a very sunny and frosty morning.  I discovered that my new car does something else that is really good – it defrosts within seconds! I just pressed the button and the ice on the windscreen started to melt and we were soon on our way to the train station so John was not late.

After dropping John off at the station I drove to the swimming pool where I did my swim.  It went well but I felt like I was trying to move through treacle when I stopped and tried to get out of the pool.  By the time I got home I was feeling very weak and was not even up to knitting.  It seems my spoons just disappeared.  I had a two-hour nap and have fed the dogs now and am about to bath Whitney.

I have not been to a dog show since Leeds back in July and am now quite itching to go to one.  It is still a few more weeks before I have a show to go to.  I needed the rest.

John and I both go for our flu jabs this coming Saturday. We were supposed to go on October 16 but I completely forgot!

I have ordered some new yarn all Blue Faced Leicester-based yarns, with nylon, which silk and cashmere, with silk, with bamboo. I am looking forward to dyeing these.

Both of my Passap machines with motors have now gone.  Although my knitting room is not yet ready there is now plenty of room in it.  I still have setup with their motors a Brother 940 and a Silver Read fine gauge.  I had to make a decision about which machines to keep and I reluctantly came to the realisation that the Passaps were just too much for me to use now.  I also realise that I tend to prefer single bed sweaters nowadays and if I want to do Double Jacquard I can do it on the machines that I have. Along with this machinery has gone 25 sacks of yarn.  I still have loads left.

I am feeling much better about it all now that it is done and I am looking forward to getting to work on some knitting on the two machines I have left.

I have been reading about the Paleo Diet, how our ancestors used to eat.  I already eat this way but it was interesting to have an explanation for why I cannot handle grains, beans and potatoes. And why I was so ill and fat when I was a vegetarian for all of those years! Simply put, there are proteins in all of these which the body has trouble in breaking down and they irritate the stomach and gut lining causing inflammation.  Very probably I have not explained it properly but that was the general gist.

Years ago, I mentioned on the latest I was on which had absolutely nothing to do with food, how I felt all the time, how I was hungry all the time, how I had the shits all the time, and how lethargic I was.  I  had four responses and all for suggested the exact same thing; a low carb diet.  NO WAY!  I was vegetarian.  I ignored the advice until I really decided I had to do something or die.  I stopped being a vegetarian.  I cut out all grains and beans and potatoes.  I started to eat only fish and poultry and meat and vegetables.  As I was warned I felt terrible for the first few days.  I had not told John what I was doing and when I went to pick him up at the station that Friday after I had been on the diet for seven days, the first thing he said to me was ’you look really well what have you been up to?’ I told him.I lost 100lbs in weight and even though I do not always stick to it I have managed to keep it off.  My big temptations are ice cream and bread.  Bread really does my gut in.

This way of eating is not hard at all at home.  Preparing food is quick.  It is fast food! one can cook a really nutritious and healthy meal very quickly like within 10 minutes.  However, it is not quite so easy when away from home as all food suppliers seem to think that we all want pasta! Try buying a ready-made salad that is not stuffed full of pasta or potato! It really pisses me off. often one can find cooked chicken and if one is really pushed then just buy a Whopper or two and just eat the inside and throw the bun away. Nuts are a reasonable option as well.

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