Thursday, April 13, 2006

Muenchen, Munchen, Munich

Yes three different spellings. Don't know why.

Anyway, on the 28th we leave for Munich. We will drive in a 'loop'. I was lucky as I was planning the route using Mapsource which is a very useful PC tool which came with my Garmin 2720. It turned out that the route I thought of to get there was the same distance as the route I chose for coming back.

We leave here on the 28th and sleep in Calais that night. On Saturday morning we start to drive to Saarbruken, which is the halfway mark to Munich. We stay there that night and on Sunday continue to Munchen. There we stay until Wednesday morning when we will drive up to Nurnberg(Nuremberg), only 100 miles away. Stay there Wednesday night and head for Koln(Cologne) to stay Thursday night and back to Calais for Friday night, arriving home on Saturday 6th May.

We may miss out the Nurnberg part, depending on what we do in Munich. I may well fancy driving into the Alps instead.

Hopefully, I will do a bit of shopping!!! I love traditonal Bavarian clothing for men and already own some shirts and jackets and shoes and would like some more. Of course there will also be yarn shops. Then there are galleries and museums etc

Prague turned out to be a dodgy destination for me. Hilly, cobbled, very little disabled facilities and upon talking with an aquaintance who visited last year, decided we really wouldn't go there. Not just for the lack of facilities tho that is reason enough I guess. He had stayed in the same square we had planned to stay and he said pickpockets and prostitutes were plentiful and one really had to watch oneself. Too much hassle really.

Still, I love Bavaria. Beautiful place. Am looking forward to it.

John is back for SA this coming Saturday, 15th.

I am designing another Aran but have not decided on the stitches yet. I have frogged my test piece several times now!
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