Monday, April 03, 2006


People really piss me off with their attitude to 'labels' on clothes.

I offer my hand made excellent quality knitwear for sale on Ebay. I have just removed a load I had for sale. Why?

Well first week they didn't sell, I put them back on at a lower price. Then when i thought about it, I decided to hell with it and removed them altogether.

I sold very well between August and December last year. I shall wait until then to put my stuff on Ebay. Gives me plenty of time to knit them.

Anyway, back to attitudes and labels. I have seen second hand, crap made and crap cashmere selling for big big money on Ebay. Don't these people have any sense of quality? NO THEY DO NOT. They just bid high because of the NAME.

Yet my highest quality cashmere either gets no bids or low ones.

Doesn't make sense.
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