Monday, April 03, 2006

Cambridge Day Out

We went to Cambridge yesterday. In order to get used to using my new chair. It was a good day. No cross words! I am getting used to having no control over it, which is the main reason for going out with it yesterday.

I chose Cambridge because it has cobbled streets and pavements and uneven surfaces. John had no problems pushing me.

It took ages to find somewhere to eat as everywhere we tried had seating either upstairs or downstairs. Many of the shops also were out of bounds because of steps.

However, parking was easy. With my new Blue Badge I was able to use the Disabled Only spots and as a result we parked right where we wanted to-near the central market, just a minute away.

It was a good day. John bought a jacket and some trousers for his SA trip. He leaves in the morning.

I had a good look thru Borders knitting book section but found nothing of interest there. I also didn't find a yarn shop. just as well really!

We did by 1 kg of coffee beans from Cafe Nero. We had coffee there and I loved it, hence the beans.

I have one of these Gaggia Sychronicity automated coffee machines. Put beans in the top, and water in the reservoir, press a button and out comes an expresso just like in the cafes. I adore it. I only got into this when we started traveling around the mainland 4 years ago. I couldn't bear to come back to instant Nescafe. Now, I never drink coffee at meetings or anyone's home or out unless it is the real stuff. I tick to tea! I drink mine the way the Germans and Belgians tend to-with evaporated milk-just 25mls in mug. Lovely.

French coffee is awful. Germany's is good. Sweden's is the best. Spanish was terrible. Belgium and Holland awful too. Luxembourg's was good. This in both restaurants and service stations. Denmark's is the worst along with the food in the service stations. Ickety ick!
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