Monday, March 13, 2006


I am feeling rather chuffed. I finished my first sock. I used the book by Jill Schaeffer and friends called Socks & Circs. I used two circs. I am pleased with myself because I was able to read and folow the instructions. i have not been able to do that before, hence I design my own stuff. NOw I have done this one sock, I can figure out how to do what I want, I think.
This sock will be undone. The sts are too loose- ie the yarn too thin for the needle size. The yarn itself is lovely 50% NZ Wool 50% NZ Mohair. I used 4mm needles and ideally I think it should be 3.25mm or 3.5mm. I'd have to use more sts. I would also change the garter stitch heal I think. Oh and this was knit top down which i found easy and once I got to the foot part, just put it on my foot every now and then until I was sure it would fit. It fits perfectly.

I must say when I first realised that many people knit socks, I couldn't see the point. I thought well you buy 3 pairs for for a couple of quid and they are always hidden so why bother? However, much to my surprise this sock feels lovely on my foot, where as I thought it would itch. I can now see myself knitting more and more to the point wearing them indoors, no shoes. I also think maybe people will be getting these as prezzies!

Alice has not had a pup yet but she is in the first stage and will move into the second stage, the pushing, soemtime tonight. I was up all night last night and will be again tonight. There is no knowing the exact time they will start to push and this first part, the scratching up the nest, the restlessness, not eating and all can last 48 or more hours. So once this phase starts, one just has to stay put and watch them. So pleased I knit!
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