Friday, March 17, 2006

Lambswool Boucle 2

This is another sweater in the lambswool boucle yarn I have. This time I knitted it on tension 6, instead of tension 8 at which I knit the green one. This drapes better and looks better. The other is too loose. This is a beautiful yarn. It machine washes and tumble dries. 80% lambswool 20% nylon.

It is not easy to knit with at all. Picking up sts is very difficult because one can't see them! Therefore the sleeves are knitted top down, something I have not done before. I was concerned that casting off at the end of the cuff ribbing would look horrid or not pull in well. I needn't have been concerned, it doesn't look any different to my normal bottom up method.

The sweater is light weight, only 500 grams for a sweater that is 64m wide and 70 cm long, including rib. It is sewn using backstich. I normally sew with mattress stitch but these sts are not easy to see! It is also drop shouldered whereas I'd prefer a set in sleeve or raglan but decided the sewing up would be too difficult given the visibility problem.
I am pleased with this neck, both in fit and height. It feels good when worn.
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