Tuesday, February 21, 2006


This part of my stash. The rest is in a full attic and a full walk in under the stairs.

I think I went a bit over the top. Maybe I'll live, fully functional, for 150 years more and I might get thru my stash. I really must stop visiting yarn shops and internet yarn sellers and Ebay!
Even with my stash, I often don't have quite the right thickness, or colour, or compositon. I think that is a legimate reason, don't you? After all I AM an artist!

I also have 15 knitting machines, about 100 pairs of Addi Turbo's, about 6 Rosewood circs and Bamboo circs too, I don't know how many. Oh, and a box full somewhere of metal, plastic and bamboo str8's.

I can't join yet another 12 step group and I am sure there isn't one for this so there! Mind your own business!

I keep telling John we need an extension. He isn't impressed. I remind him we need room for HIS stuff. You should see the amount of books he has.....elsewhere for now as we don't have room for them. He writes and is an historian and book collector(alongside his real job) so I think he should consider an extension or a biggger house. He keeps saying he'll build a separate building in the garden and move me, my dogs and yarn out here. He doesn't mean it, he loves me really.
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