Monday, February 20, 2006

Blast From The Past

and things were going so well.....

I got an email this morning re another list I had been a member of for 8 years but left a year ago.

I had made a dear friend on the list with whom I communicated regularly for 8 years, phone calls too.

She died June 12th 2004. She had been like the sister I had never had. A truly warm and lovely person, honest, sincere, patient, non judgemental. One of the things we spoke about was how the list we were on was not as it seemd and how she only had regular contact with me and one other person. I telephoned almost daily until two days before she died.

I was en route to Sweden the day she died. I never heard from anybody regarding this. I learned it via the list we had been on, i think, or an email sent to many people. Suddenly everybody it seemd loved her and was her good friend. To this day, no one has ever contacted me or even acknowledged the friendship we shared. I know there were tributes sent, written, devised. I found out later. Whilst I felt left out of the loop, I know that nothing will alter the friendship we shared and I know she is with me still in spirit, watching over me and the family she adored.

She was a most fantastic mother. She had her challenges and she met them face on. Her only regret about her dying was leaving her children. I cannot imagine how that was for her.

She was such a brave loving soul who knew herself well and tried her best to know and understand others. I miss her, she was safe harbour for me.
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