Thursday, February 16, 2006

Self Opinionated

I had one of those all capitals emails today. The email equivalent of the green pen notes sent by loonies.
Anyway, it was rather odd. It was supposed to be an insult but in their ignorance complimented me. They called me self opinionated.

Good! I can't live according to someone elses opinions! My opinions are my own, not anyone elses! I imagine that what pisses them off is that I don't think according to their rules. How about that?

So yes, I am self opinionated and proud of it. Should a I be a sheep and only have opinions given to me? Should I only think what I am expected to think? Should I do as many do and say 'I think this way because my parents did? Or my teachers did? Or my Priest did or my Pastor or because some 'holy' book did? That way I could blame someone else. Oops, sorry, they told me to think it, it wasn't my fault.

Use your brain!
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