Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Not a good day. not at all. Exhausted. I also didn't arrange my bits properly and got my willy caught between my undies and my silk longs and now have what looks like carpet burn.I didn't notice until the morphine wore off and then wondered what the hell had happened. Then it hit me: i wondered what that odd feeling was especially when I moved. It was my will willy trapped between the two layers and getting chaffed. Not funny. I wonder if women get this with their boobs? Judging form the way they bounce up and down if they move quickly I'd think they get a bit more than chaffed.

I am loooooonging for some alone time. 13 weeks my house has had men in and out all day everyday, now two women included. I've got to the point i juts want to get to the register office, sign the damn paper and bugger off to Frankfurt and stay alone in my hotel room! The house is beginning to look really nice and the sound system is wonderful, just what i always wanted. Every new worker has commented on how clear my music is. Today I had adele live playing and they said it was like she was in the room with me. Do you think if I put James Blunt on it will be like he is in the room with me too?

It is raining. Again. It is cold. Again. And our poor US friends are suffering the opposite.

Now my new super duper iMac has 1tb drive and a 256gb SSD took. When I was migrating form the 21.5" to this new one, all 350 off gb, it said there wa snot enough room on the 27". Twat. So i did it myself. It's always quicker than doing what the computer nerds say to do. i just copied it all onto the ext hard drive and copied that on to the the new one. AND my Aperture program KNEW without me telling it that the photo library's were now all locate don the external disc. Maybe I am more than just psychic.

I long for a long sleep tonight so i am off to bed. I have three sets of work people tomorrow-the decorators, the blind men and the carpenters. I shall duvet dive I think.
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