Sunday, July 01, 2012


This, is Tantra's Plenty O'Toole isa Kutani. She is owned and loved by Wendy Cain of the Kutani kennel. She is otherwise known as Deita. She is bred by me and is a daughter of my Ch Polielin's Whitney with Tantra.

Deita has done very well. She has a G1 Puppy, and 3RCC and now 2 CC both with Best of Breed. She is not yet 18mths old. Her mother was such a winner at this age too. I could not be more pleased. this is the first of my breeding to have won at this level. (Despite owning this breed since 1972, I have been unable to do anything about showing and breeding properly until 2006. I am very pleased that each dog I have shown since then has won, and Deita has won the most.)

Our wedding is now less than a week away. On Saturday the 7th. I am now getting excited about it.

The house renovations have taken their toll. It has been 13 weeks now and still many more weeks to go. However, the downstairs will be complete for our wedding and thus we have somewhere for our guests to be between the ceremony and the reception dinner.

We both decided that we will tell the decorators and the carpet layers when we are ready for the three upstairs rooms to be done. We have both just had enough for now.

I am typing this blog post on a brand new 27" iMac with the highest specifications possible. This should last me forever now. Or at least until I find another excuse for upgrading!

The Hi Fi is all set up in our new lounge. 27' by 13' conservatory. It is beautiful. Not yet completely furnished.

I have become so exhausted that on Wednesday I awoke at 4pm to find that the stairs and landing had been carpeted. I had not heard a thing!

Our honeymoon is in a 5* skyscraper hotel in Frankfurt from Monday 9th through to the 14Th, back in England on the 15th.
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