Friday, July 20, 2012


Weird? I had a terrible night. Fitful sleep and the sweats. Last night I ate Shish Kebab. Chicken and lamb. No pitta, just the salad and chilli. Not had it for ages. Nor have I had a night like last for ages. I also have a plain live yoghurt and sugar free yell (jello). I know the yoghurt and jelly is not the cause. I suspected before that it was the kebab. I cannot think why. Maybe whatever they marinate the meat in? Maybe it is just I have it late? I won't be doing it again. It really is most uncomfortable.

I took Chase to class last night and he freak doug. Not at first but after there had been some screaming by a dog. After that he just didn't want to move. I think all this tooing and froing with him and the others whilst the house is being done has not been good for him. I was worried about that. He is a boy, they can be the most sensitive, and just the wrong age for all this to happen. Even my fully adult and mature ones, Luque and Whitney, have lost weight and Only Whitney is eating well since our return. MG has got skinny, she had a season during this too. Ugh. I think it might be a while before I do the shows. More fees down the drain. But the dogs come first.
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