Thursday, April 07, 2011


I am pleased with this sweater. The RAF Blue is the same as the 'Ancient Japanese Design' but the silver is not. This silver is more blueish. The design is entirely mine. I did the design in Designaknit and then downloaded to my Brother 940. The gauge was 32st and 38rw to 10cm using TD 7. The yarn is 4ply pure wool, as used to be spoon by Forsell. I did false starts on body and sleeves and I use HP for the neckline. I did this because I wanted live sts to crochet.

I have never used crochet on a sweater before. I am rather pleased with this attempt, though of course I have learned form it and would do the next one differently. I did the body hem in two pieces because when one is using two colours as I have and knitting in the round, the 'join' is a jog-the colours don't match up. I may well do the collar in two pieces next time.

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