Thursday, April 28, 2011


imageimageThese photographs are of myself and Mary-Grace at Dunstable Open Show. MG won Best Of Breed, Best Puppy (because she is still under one year old), and went on to win Utility Group 2 and Utility Puppy Group 1.  So it was a good day out. image

Whilst my new medication, gabapentin, which I take on top of the other medication, is working very well, I have unfortunately got the fatigue and severe muscle weakness back. Sad smileI have not had this book quite some time so I thought maybe it had gone.I should have known that it had not because the gabapentin is a nerve block and I cannot really see how a nerve block would work on muscle weakness/fatigue.

I am sleeping very well which of course does make a big difference but this week I have still had to have one to two hours sleep in the afternoon despite seven to eight hours at night. 

I have also been having bad dreams.  Mainly to do with my father and this morning when I awoke after a particularly bad one I was really in a grumpy mood and my gut was such that I had to go to the toilet six times in the two hours preceding waking! However, it settled down and my mood improved.

Apart from these hiccups things are very good right now and the show season is well and truly underway. I have a major championship show to attend on Sunday and then another one next Friday.  After that they come fast and furious.  However, I will not be attending the really long distance ones because I have not got anything old enough to make those treks worthwhile.

Last weekend was a four day weekend for John because of public holidays and this weekend is the same because of public holidays, including the Royal Wedding.  I wish Will / Kate well but I have no time for all the pomp and circumstance surrounding these young people.  It is amazing what we human beings do in order to create a fantasy.  These two people are no different from you and I.  The only difference is the way they are treated.I feel terribly sorry really for the Royal family because they have very little choice but be who they are.  Even if they resigned or abdicated or whatever and refused to play the game they would still have to have round-the-clock protection for the rest of their lives.  What a terrible thing to have done to people.  I really get annoyed with those people who can only see that they are rich as their envy does not allow them to see what truly terrible lives these people must lead. They can never be themselves and they must always play the game.  Just imagine if one of the poor sods was gay! What a hell of a life. Look what it did to Charles and Di.

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