Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I have experienced quite a lot of frustration recently.  John is a man who is not good at talking about his feelings or what is going on.  This leaves me frustrated and having to guess.  You can imagine that my guesses are usually more than worrisome!

I wrote him an e-mail in the hope that he might write that and be more forthcoming.  It worked and I feel very much relieved.  He said that he did not want me to worry which is why he keep quiet about things because he thinks I have got enough on my plate with my disease!

He now understands that what worries me is being kept in the dark.  He retires a year from now and I really need to know what our options are and what he plans on doing. I now know.

The dogs are a delight.  Pussy, Plenty, and Fin are 12 1/2 weeks old now. They are just about crate trained.  They have the most wonderful temperaments.  I am extremely pleased with them.  I am also extremely pleased with their mother Whitney.  The has produced puppies of excellent quality and I think at this moment in time, better than herself.  This is what one hopes for when breeding a litter.  To have a champion that produces well is the hope of dog breeders.

I have been enjoying crocheting.  I have crocheted and scarf / wrap for my friend Dawn and I am now crocheting another for my friend Gail. I am also using crocheting on a sweater that I have knitted. I have crocheted the neckband the cuffs and the hem.

I am doing much better physically.  The gabapentin has made a big difference.  It is not a hundred percent perfect of course. I am very pleased though but I have now added this to my arsenal.

With any luck I ought to be getting a new vehicle this week.  I am getting a Ford Galaxy with automatic transmission.  It will also have a wheelchair lift in the back.  I am sad to be parting with the Ford Mondeo but it really is not suitable for me and never has been.  You would think that as I am a disabled person I would understand my needs and therefore would have bought a suitable car in the first place.  It is not that simple.  Yet another example of how what we think and believe affects our lives.  It did not occur to me to get an automatic.  I did not think that a car like a Galaxy would be easier for me to get in and out of and would also have been enough room for my wheelchair and everything else.  This time I am sure that I have the right vehicle for my needs.

The government cuts and their attitude to the long-term sick and disabled is rather worrying.  I have read up on the information available on the Internet directly from the government.  It was only help to a certain extent but the information I read contradicted itself it said one thing at the beginning and then changed its mind halfway through! Whilst I think I will be okay in this regard, it is still a worry I could do without.

I have a championship show to attend on Sunday. It is the Midland Lhasa Apso Association. Then on May 1, the show season really starts.  I am obviously looking forward to it but at the same time I have some trepidation because I have not done this since July last year and I am physically worse that I was a year ago.  However, I will deal with it and this new drug gabapentin will really be put to the test!


Georgina said...

Glad to hear some things are looking good - how clever of you to email John. So many relationships blossom with the writing of love letters - then we forget what a wonderful conduit, for the depth of a person to be revealed, the written word can be.

janalee said...

I find it easier to weigh my words when writing them. So many times when I speak I am not able to clearly communicate what I am feeling. So good for you, trying a different method of conversation!

You sound more upbeat and hopeful in the last few posts. I'm glad you are finding some solutions, and excited to hear the results of your next dog show!