Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It has been a hectic few days.

Edna had her puppies yesterday.  I had been sitting with her since Sunday morning when it became clear that she was in the early stages of labour.  I took her to the vet yesterday morning because I was concerned that despite her pushing for just over an hour nothing have appeared and nothing looked like it was going to.  To cut a long story short the poor thing had four oversized puppies. thanks to the expertise of the vet nurse Lauren and the vet Cere, she did not need a Caesarean section.  Between them they were able to manipulate the puppies out.  Each was 10 ounces. We have two black boys and one brindle boy. The fourth puppy was a black girl but she just took far too long after the birth of the first three and she did not make it.  Edna and her three sons are doing very well and you would never know that she had had such an ordeal.  I wonder how on earth those puppies got so big especially as for the last two weeks of her pregnancy she didn’t eat much.

I had entered Whitney for a show that I really wanted to go to.  Unfortunately, this show fell at the same time Edna’s puppies were due.  However, Wendy Cain came to the rescue by offering to show Whitney for me.  I was very surprised that anyone would put themselves out to do this and I accepted.  Wendy showed her really well and Whitney one her 10th CC and went on to win Best In Show.

Whitney and I have received many congratulations for her win but strangely not from close friends.  I find people very strange.

They say you find out  who your real friends are when life is very difficult. I would say you also find out who your friends are when you are very successful!


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