Friday, November 05, 2010


Above is a link to what I consider to be an excellent blog post by an excellent mother.  It has thousands of responses and it has gone viral.

I do not need to advertise this post but I did want to express my astonishment at the utter lack of comprehension by so many people who read her post.  It is clear by their comments that they did not read the same post that I did! Well, of course they did but they do not understanding the English language. They accuse her of writing what she did not write, of doing what she did not do.  All of the accusations thrown at her can only be made by people who deliberately want to lie and/or are not educated enough to understand the written word.

There are those who attack her for saying that her five-year-old son is gay based solely on the title of her post. However, if they read the rest of her post and understood it they would know that this is far from what she is saying and her anger is at those morons who assume that he is!

Then there are those who attack her because she encouraged her boy to follow through with his desire to dress as the character he dressed as when he balked through fear of what others would say.  This would have been hard for her but was the right thing to do and by doing so she taught her son to be himself and not to allow the mob to dictate who he is and how he expresses himself.

There are even those who tried to appear non-judgemental and fail miserably by suggesting that a good mother would have told him but wearing a female costume was inappropriate for a boy and a good mother would have steered him towards something like a cowboy outfit!!!

Then of course there are the comments from the fundamentalist nincompoops who take every possible opportunity to spread their evil.

Finally what I find most disturbing is just how many unbalanced and disturbed people there are.

I cannot let this be without pointing out that the overwhelming majority of posts were fully supportive of this brave and good mother and that makes me feel optimistic for the world that we live in.

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