Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have been attending this sanctuary on a regular basis for the last 12 years. It is where I go for peace, shared love, healing and relief from pain. It has always felt like home.

Unfortunately, due to the egos and disgraceful behaviour of other people this is no longer the case. Vile things have been written on Facebook about this sanctuary or rather the people involved in it. I do not care one jot what started this off because nothing excuses the vile behaviour that is now taking place. Absolutely nothing.

Feeling aggrieved, even if with just cause, is not a licence to be abusive. Such behaviour is unacceptable. It defiles the sanctuary and is demeaning to the person behaving in such a manner. They show themselves to be in a sorry state and to be so blind to their own self they cannot or will not see that abuse is unacceptable.

It seems to me that because they feel aggrieved they have decided to lash out at everybody and destroy anything they can. What they are actually doing is hurting themselves. This hatred they harbour rebounds on them and in the long run it is they who suffer.

Mediums, are by definition sensitive people. It is really not possible to work well in such a negative atmosphere. The last time that I worked there the animosity in the vibration made work very difficult and it showed.

I have always extended the hand of friendship and treated everybody equally, had a laugh and a joke had a hug and a kiss and end up being treated like dirt under a shoe because I had the temerity this morning to speak up when I saw yet another Facebook comment about my sanctuary. Although the comment itself was not abusive, like previous comments, it was designed purely to shit stir.

I knew that I would probably be on the receiving end of abuse now that I have made my feelings known. I was right but I deleted the messages unread and blocked the people. One soon learns to scan for key words and delete!

I am astonished that people who have a desire to become healers behave like this! They are sorely in need of healing themselves.I do not mean this in any way negatively. I truly do understand the pain these people are in and understand it is this pain that makes them to lash out. But I also know that the pain they are in is very long-standing and has very little to do with the present day. It is this long-standing pain and suffering that needs to be addressed.I know from my own life experience how painful and difficult this can be.I also know that one must recognise the need for change and healing within before any change or healing can come. Whilst one is still blaming everybody else for one’s behaviour this is not possible.

I have shown where my heart lies. These people have seen me work often enough, though I think it all fell on deaf ears. They have also experienced my kindness and friendship toward them. They have decided that none of that matters because I have called them on their disgraceful behaviour so they have now added me to the list of people to blame for their lives.

Pain and humiliation begets pain and humiliation. The only way to counteract this is through love. That is what these people are looking for. This is not the way to receive it. The worst aspect of abuse is that it becomes unrecognisable and abuse becomes love and lack of abuse becomes frightening and incomprehensible to those who only know abuse.

I hope that the people involved in this negativity regarding Littleport Sanctuary will come to a point where instead of dishing out hatred they can come to love and acceptance. If they can truly see the possibility that they are worthy of this love and acceptance their healing will have begun.

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