Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Edna and her puppies are doing really well. Whitney is fascinated by them and disturbs Edna by hanging head over the edge to stare at the puppies!

I have been doing a fair bit of dying and I have been trying out new techniques, one of which I call Flash Dyeing. This is what I got:shockwaveadirondackaftershocktruffle I am very pleased with these and I shall be using the technique again.

Yesterday a person inadvertently sent an e-mail with reactionary content to one of my knitting lists.  This one advocates the spanking of children.  I am not alone in considering this is an appalling abuse of children.  I wrote to the list and I said that I did not want to see such things on my knitting lists especially emails that encourage  child abuse.

This is my opinion and I am entitled to it.  I am not alone and this is why it the spanking and hitting of children is illegal in several countries.  However, this does not entitle anyone to send me vile e-mails like the one I received this morning.  The dark soul who sent it chose abusive words to defend her right to abuse her children.  I am not surprised that she chose abusive words to defend her position.

What always surprises me is how dark a soul can become without the said soul noticing the light fading.

Yesterday I went for my swim and I also went for a walk.  However, the walk was too much and I only just made it home.  I ate my breakfast and soon after I went back to bed because I was in a great deal of pain despite having taken my medication.  It turned out to be a really bad day pain wise and I was woken from my nap by the pain. I lay there for half an hour and then realised I just had to go and get the morphine. Once I had I was able to function again and then I enjoyed myself playing around, the results of which you can see above.


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