Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Whilst I was away three people decided to choose then to upset me!  It is bad enough that they would choose to do this let alone whilst they knew I was on holiday.

One of them wrote on my Facebook wall how I should stop thinking that everyone is out to get me! Writing such nonsense on my wall is inappropriate enough but to do so when she clearly does not know me was just offensive.  Anyone who reads my blog and my e-mails know that I’m a positive optimistic person.  Quite what possessed her to write this I do not know.  I deleted it and I also de-friended her. For my trouble I then got an indignant e-mail from her! No, of course she did not look at what she’d written and thought she may have been wrong!

And then another Facebook person who got rather offensive.  Quite what a person with such bigoted religious views is doing following me I have no idea since it is clear where I stand.  One of the things that she berated me for was the use of Xtian instead of Christian. X is a symbol for Christ and has been for a very long time! The rest of her diatribe was equally based on her ignorance. She seemed completely unaware that we in Britain have been subject to terrorist attacks for 40 odd years, both from Muslims and the IRA.  She also seemed unaware that the IRA were supported financially by fundraising in the USA! This paid for the weapons they then used against us!

Finally, another person insisted on sending me anti-Muslim rhetoric which I had asked several times that she stopped doing.  She had no respect for me as was clearly shown by the fact that she continued to send me such posts.  I took her off my Facebook list, explaining why.  I had hoped that that was the end of it but then she started to harass me via my private e-mail.  I then remembered that I could block e-mail from people that I do not want to receive e-mail from.

This last person is the one that I feel regret about.  Do not misunderstand me I did the right thing in blocking her.  I just regret that she became irrational and that I had to block her.  I know that her health is not good at all.  We spoke quite a lot about her health and I tried to help her as best as I could regarding drugs.  She was prescribed drugs that I take and she was frightened to take them and I tried to reassure her.  I am sad that it had to end the way that it did.

I still am most surprised that all three of these people chose to attack me whilst I was on holiday.  I do not like to think so but this seems to me that it may well have been calculated.

One thing that irks me! I am generally a positive and optimistic person.  On the odd occasion when I have had enough of my physical pain and fatigue, and I choose to bitch about it in print, it almost always results in me being told off and having someone tell me I should not be so negative!!! WTF is it with some people? I am quite certain that if these people experienced 24/7 pain and fatigue we would not hear the end of it! Grrr!

I believe that I’m an easy-going person and I tolerate quite a lot.  However, I will not be disrespected and I will not be abused.  I have not come out of the dark hole I was in with the same willingness to accept abuse and disrespect! HTF do you think I got out of that hole?

I was asleep by 11 PM last night and I did not get up until eight today. I slept really well and painlessly. I cannot recall the last time I slept like that.  To day I have been knitting John’s cashmere/silk sweater.  I think I am going to have a period of machine knitting.  I have not been into it for quite some time and I realise I need the change from handknitting in order to get my Mojo going again.

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