Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It turns out that I have a bug after all! I was up several times last night and I had the shivers as well. I feel very washed out that I am feeling better this morning. I did not get away with my fall after all! My hip started playing its tune last evening and got very loud during the night so that I had to keep moving. I feel relieved to realise that I have actually had a bug because the diarrhoea was really beginning to worry me. 
It started Monday morning after a night of cramps and I have been having to go to the loo at least a dozen times each day with very little warning.  Yet I felt well.  Of course I do not mean well I mean that I didn’t feel any different to usual.  However last night it became obvious to me that I actually was sick because of the shivering.  I only had to go to the loo once during the night and I am feeling much better now as regards my intestines.
I have a rather vivid imagination and I was imagining all sorts of things usually involving imminent death.  I even wondered if this was drug withdrawal! Despite the fact that I have not stopped taking them! My logic being that some days I take more than others and I was wondering if my body had got used to a certain amount and was now suffering withdrawal! I tell you I can be my own worst enemy and I cause myself anxieties for no reason! Occasionally, my living waiting for the other foot to fall as I did most of my life, comes back at times of vulnerability.
Still it means I have had plenty of time to just sit and read and watch DVD! I am watching the the sixth and final series of Nip / Tuck.  This is an excellent satire and it makes them very serious observations depending on how one watches I suppose.It is full of truly dysfunctional people
I have also been reading The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest during the day.  I am going to miss Lisbeth and Mikael when I have finished this.  Millennium I, II  and III are really just one long story I guess split into three books to make them saleable.  I find these books really remarkable and certainly have never read anything like it before and never will again. The other author who has grabbed me in a very similar way is Minette Walters.

I think I have enough food in the freezer so that I don’t have to go out until John gets home on Friday night.

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