Friday, September 17, 2010


This is the message the papal visit to Britain has spread this week. Neither the politicians, the Roman Catholics, the Church of England nor the many flag-waving citizens give a dam about the abuse of children and the lives that such abuse distorts or destroys.

The man at the head of this church who has protected child abusers, who had hidden evidence, who refuses to hand over evidence to the proper authorities, the police, instead of being rebuked and told he is not welcome is in fact welcomed with open arms with all the pomp and ceremony we can conjure up.

What particularly raises my ire is seeing the children involved in this vile spectacle. And they are being used and abused in this great lie. I wonder how they would feel if they understood the full horror of priests fucking children.

I am ashamed. I am disgusted. I am appalled. This mighty show of man’s inhumanity to man- of man’s arrogance.

They truly do not give a dam about anything other than their own aggrandisement. And what makes it worse is that we have colluded in this lie and have shit all over those children whose lives were forever altered by the evil that they oversaw and they have done nothing to protect the children of today. They have shown us in no uncertain terms that the rape and spiritual abuse of children means nothing to them. More important to them is their persona, their wealth, their church, their power. They lie in front of their God and we like fools turned a blind eye to it all.

WE are responsible for this. All of us who refuse to see what is right under our noses. We are responsible for the cover-up, for the lies, for the crimes. All those flag-waving fools smitten by men in fancy frocks.

Forgive Them Father For They Know Not What They Do. If only.

I think they know precisely the evil that they do.

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