Saturday, October 07, 2006


This little girl is a stubborn little thing. She is 10 days old at 7am Saturday morning and now weighs in at 8.8 ozs. She ought to have died. She took the bottle twice today but none at all on Wednesday or Thursday. I keep expecting her to wither away but she isn't doing that. I still can't say she will make it because I just don't know. I have never had a puppy do this before. They have either died within a couple of days or they take the bottle and soon catch up. Or they have had something obvious wrong with them. This girl has nothing obvious wrong, is gaining but very slowly, and is strong.

Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Go for it girl..I was a bit slow on the up-take but I'm still standing.Do not forget "Dad" has to get some rest though .

Mary Beth said...

Colin: how are you? I'm holding my breathe for your little girl dog.

Anonymous said...

I am sending prayers for the little girl, you should give her a name, something strong.